ANDREAS MENELAOU LLC is a licensed law firm in the Republic of Cyprus, with its office located in Limassol, the commercial centre of Cyprus, providing services to Local and International clients in Cyprus and abroad. The island of Cyprus has been transformed into an International financial centre as a result of its excellent geographical location, tax incentives and high standard of living. Having established a solid network of associated European and International law firms, we are able to provide effective solutions to our clients on a worldwide scale in a timely manner. Our experience allows us to provide innovative and practical solutions to legal, financial and taxation issues faced by our clients enabling them to implement their strategic goals in the most skilful and beneficial manner. Our approach as a firm is to always pay attention to detail and prevent any issues that may undermine the business of our clients.

In the process of building a strong and innovative firm, the personal success and goal achievement of our clients is what matters the most. In order to achieve this, our team of dedicated and efficient professionals is prepared to face any challenges may occur, from private matters to major corporate transactions. Our individualistic approach to each of our clients allows us to provide tailor made solutions to cater their particular needs.

We approach each and every one of our clients like it is the only one